Rediscovering My Wardrobe

Rediscovering My Wardrobe


The wardrobe is overflowing with things, varieties of colour and textures, but somehow upon closer inspection there isn't a single thing in said wardrobe, to wear.

We've all been there.And I know I'm certainly guilty of this. Maybe guilty isn't the right term - more just easily bored of things, blinded, and seeking out shiny new items (less of the shiny, but you get where I'm going with this). As a teen, I would spend what money I could on fashion, trying to look basically like the dogs bollocks, and it continued when I started Little Winter (want some old LW laughs, then try here and here). There was a want to share my wardrobe, how I styled items, and show off the latest piece of clothing I'd bought.

This cycle continued, right up until mid 2018.

Until I realised, I realised that clothing didn't define me as a person, it didn't make me successful, and owning the latest jumper wouldn't make me any happier. So I vowed to change, with words from my therapist, who helped me discover that my personality would shine alone. And that whilst we can emphasise our personality with certain looks, clothes are ultimately just there to be worn.


My weekly ASOS orders were stopped, and whilst I fell into a trap of wearing the same thing over and over again, I found a new love for some older pieces in my wardrobe. Were they stylish or in fashion? Maybe not. But did they make me feel a little more comfortable and highlight my best features? I'd like to think so. And really, did I need to be spending so much each month on clothing that would pile up in my wardrobe and never be worn again? Absolutely not.It's a little like this jumpsuit I'm wearing here. You see, I bought it over three years ago in one of those frantic feel-like-I-need-to-buy-something-but-actually-don't moods. And after returning one size and ordering a larger one, it still wasn't quite right. But by then, in something I'm guilty of, I didn't return it. Because life went on and it just collected dust. I moved house (twice, in that time actually) and it still followed me wherever I went. Sitting in the back of the wardrobe, or scrunched in a drawer. And whilst it almost could have been seen as wasted, or taking up space - I'm kinda glad I didn't just get rid of it.

Nope. It was the first afternoon of December, and I was giving up hope on what to wear for my big 30th birthday. I'd ordered a dress that seemed a little too dressy, and for some reason I dug out the jumpsuit. And with my mum in the house, I asked if she'd alter it to make it work. I had nothing to lose.

So she sewed a little bit, and altered it some more.

And I fell in love with it. Three years later.

And since that night in December, the birthday party, you can bet I've made up for my three years of not wearing it. Heading out for an afternoon? Add a jumper underneath and we're sorted. Going for a casual dinner? Perfect. Want to be comfortable but still feel a little stylish? The jumpsuit is the one.

So whilst hoarding things I haven't worn isn't aways the wisest of ideas, I've given myself two challenges this year:


One year on = bin it

I have so many things in my wardrobe still now, that I haven't worn since we moved last November. So I've told myself that if I don't wear it by summer (giving it at least a full season and a half to work with), then it's out. I try to buy most things that I can wear throughout all seasons so there's really no excuse. Not worn, then see you later.

Shop your own style

With a wardrobe full of fabrics and textures, there's a whole lot more I can do with what I have. And whilst it's easier just to buy something, I'm shopping my own wardrobe weekly, and seeing how I can adapt my current pieces into new styles. Kinda. It's a work in progress. But if I fell in love with a three year old jumpsuit I'd never worn, I'm feeling positive that there's a fair few dresses lurking in there that can have the same effect.So here's to rediscovering our own wardrobes. Not only is it a cheaper alternative, but you never know what you might find and fall back in love with.

Primark Knit | Boohoo Jumpsuit | Reebok Trainers

"Dress with less and create a life that is full of what matters most to you"

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