Lady in red

There are times when we do something out of the ordinary, which doesn't seem quite so unusual to most but we know it's a different direction. We know we've either stepped out of our comfort zone, or had a mad moment of want, or even opted for change. Because, sometimes change is good.And well, last month for me, that involved buying a dress. A dress with a colour. And a print.A rarity these days, I must add.

You see, I normally tend to buy black. Or white. Or grey. Or even navy.I mean, it's not intentional. It just so happens. Because I like those colours, and they work. And for me, I feel like they look cool, like I haven't really tried (even though we all know I have...).But a few weekends ago, I did try. In the way of this red dress - OK, so I didn't REALLY try. I mean, I popped it on and debated it for a good hour, until the girls told me it was cute and it should be a keeper. So I listened. Even though I don't want to be cute.. I want to be cool. It's a constant battle!

 I teamed it with some black boots and my leather jacket, in the hope to 'cool it up' (does anyone else ever try to attempt this all the time? No? Just me...) and debated adding my sunglasses for a real edgy look. Except one has simply lost them. Again! I guess that's my Summer saving plan - buy some new ones!

Dress: Boohoo | Boots: Cloggs* | Tights: WolfordPhotos by Rosie

The Little Things

Things that make me, me.. Runkle.