Tis the season of JOY

Once upon a time, I wore dresses all day everyday. And then like everything, things just fizzle out and I found true love with jeans. Because jeans just go with everything, and are much easier to throw on in the morning when you want an extra five minutes in bed, and seem to create a completely different look each time. They go with everything. And I suppose if you've some junk in your trunk then y'know, we flaunt it. Kinda.But since I felt like I was changing this year, as the months have gone by, I've found dresses creeping back into my daily life. Still belted, and complete with my leather jacket and boots of course.Because we can't change EVERYTHING!

I like my dress sleeves long, my necks high and nipped in at the waist on occasion. I'm also partial to a pocket or two making any dress with a pocket, a beautiful winner in my eyes.I mean, it's not like I put anything in said pockets, but there's nothing more satisfying than standing in a cute little dress (attempting and most likely failing, to look cute), and slipping your hands gently into your pockets - because, well, it solves all problems for awkward hands.I also like my dresses to consist of blacks and greys and navy's and snippets of white, but this month green is drawing out to me. It's a step up from my current wardrobe, whereas three years ago this JOY dress would have fitted in perfectly to my bright and bold print clothes, but alas, colour and print is here. And i'm overJOYed.Get it? Yeah, I thought that pun was great and couldn't help myself.But seriously, I'm so chuffed with this little number that I think I've worn it more than acceptable in the past month.It's those pockets, I tell you.They've gotten me weak at the knees.Maybe it's time I find something else to get excited about - pocket obsessions may be borderline peculiar.And the reason i'm still single...

Dress: JOY* | Belt: Warehouse | Boots: New Look

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