Moonlight Dancing

I've never been a practical dresser, and always wonder why I'm either super cold or incredibly toasty. I wear boots in the Summer and brave a bare leg in the Winter. I tend to wear a dress on the days that I should really be wearing jeans for hands on projects at work. And you'll find me reaching for my jeans and a nice top when I go out for dinner, when really, it's much nicer to pop on a sweet little dress.And in all honesty, I just never learn.But I want to say that I've changed. I've become a little more sensible, and I've tried to dress more appropriately (I say that as though I wear a low cut backless dress to interviews...) for the places I'm heading. And you know what, I may slowly be nailing it.I may actually be doing alright. I may actually even declare I'm just the right temperature for once.Yeah. That's never happened before...

After trying to tell myself to wear skirts and dresses more, I've grown fond of Boohoo's A-Line skirts. For a girl with hips, a booty and well, all round junk in the trunk (yes, any girl can have junk in their trunk whatever size!) alongside a fairly small waist, A- Line skirts are never a let down. They nip you in right where you want them to be (leaving enough room for tucking in issues), and drape at all the right places.Meaning that they almost, almost, flatter my larger-than-maybe-should-be-for-my-bodyframe hips.And if a skirt can give off the illusion that I don't really have hips, then HELL, I'M BUYING THEM ALL.Although, actually Kim bought me this little number for my birthday. And she did good.So good infact that I've now decided I have the best moves on the dancefloor when I parade around in this jazzy printed dream... It's not quite so great for a sit down meal though. Nobody needs that kind of tightness in their lives when pasta is involved. Pasta always wins over clothes.Nope, I save this little beauty for dancing.I like dancing. And I like this skirt.

Top: Primark | Jacket: New Look | Skirt: Boohoo | Boots: New Look

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