The Culottes

The Culottes

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For the last 18 months or so I've debated culottes in my wardrobe. I wanted to be that girl, who sported a black bandeau top (long sleeve FYI) with some beautiful culottes that made my legs look like they go on forever, made me look lean, and also pretty damn sassy and together - because I mean, that's what we all want to look like on a night out right? I know I get these visions anyway...

Well, that dream was fairly shattered when I tried every single pair on. (It felt like it anyway!).I tried fancy ones, I tried cheap ones. I tried really darn expensive ones and I tried every single colour known to man (OK, I stuck mostly to dark colours because, hello, hips!).And then I gave up. It wasn't meant to be.But really, I don't give up. Once I've got an idea in my head, well, it stays.Even if I try to pretend it's disappeared. Oh it's still there.It still hovers over the search button, and it still thinks maybe just this time. You know, cause sometimes it IS just so! And on this last occasion, it almost was this time.I say almost, because I'm still undecided they're the most flattering on me, but you know what?

Occasionally we gotta say no to the bad vibes. And embrace it. Work with it instead.Because, basically. I like them.

A lot.

They're comfortable.
They're fitted round my waist. (yes mama, laugh at that elastic tie waist all you want...)
They sit at a length that doesn't make me look stumpy.
They hang pretty neatly off my hips, keeping my thighs still fairly hidden (winning!).
They're black.
And I can dress them down for work with my trainers and a chunky jumper. Or I can wear them with my trusty pink heels and a pretty slinky black top.

So in that sense. I think I finally won. I didn't give up on finding the (kinda) right pair.

And don't they say:"The first step to getting what you want is having the courage to get rid of what you don't." Except I didn't get rid of anything this time.

So maybe that's not quite so accurate.....

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