Ten Nice Things About Myself, By Me

Ten Nice Things About Myself, By Me


If putting yourself down was a profession, I think I’d be holding the title of CEO (or at least a board director, because I reckon I’m not alone).

And whilst I don’t really talk about myself highly in any situation, we as people, as individuals, all have beautiful and individual qualities. That make us who we are. It’s why people are nice to us, people want to be around us, and people love and care for us. And we must remember that.

So in a (not so easy way), I’ve bravely written out ten nice things about myself, all by myself. With no help. Or being able to add into the mix things such as ‘good at netball’, because I don’t really have any talents like that. Literally.

And let me tell you, it took a long amount of time and a whole lot of backspacing…

  1. I love unconditionally. I really do. Maybe too much some would say, but when I really care for someone, I like to think that I would do anything for them, and be there as best I can.

  2. Whilst my anxiety kicks in before any social event, I’ll always be the one to start a conversation where I can. I might be panicking inside myself, but I’ll really try and calm other people in situations, and make them feel comfortable. Because I just want to be friends with everyone.

  3. And I guess that’s a nice point. I want to be everyone’s friend. I’ll instantly like everyone, and see the good before I make a judgement. Sometimes this doesn’t work out so well, but I’d rather be too friendly and deal with a cold shoulder than appear unapproachable. So I’m taking that as a nice thing.

  4. My facial expressions are very entertaining. No really, they are.

  5. I have good listening ears. Well, in an advice and ‘someone needs me’ situation. But in a ‘my mum’s going on about Denise down the road’s daughter who I should know’ situation, then I’m switched off. Sorry mum.

  6. I’m pretty spontaneous. Like for sure, I love having plans in my diary, but if you ask me to be somewhere with you last minute, I’ll be there!

  7. I try to appreciate life as best I can. My dad has always taught me to be grateful, and not take things for granted and so appreciating that quiet Sunday morning, or the way my cat looks at me, and every memory that I’ve created with someone, are the things that I really love and treasure more than any possession I own.

  8. I put others first. Always.

  9. I have a pretty fun imagination. Which at times, especially in intelligent situations and conversations proves tricky, but mostly just provides great entertainment.

  10. I’m nice. Actually, I’m too nice, Because you sure can bet that even if I’m drowning in a to do list, have no free time in my diary or have some major personal issues going on, i’ll still say yes to you asking me to do an extra task, quickly pop round for a pep talk or listen to you cry over the fact you can’t eat cheese for a week (that IS a big issue).

Self confidence is the most attractive quality a person can have. How can anyone see how great you are if you can’t see it yourself?

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