Checking In: The Hoxton Hotel - Amsterdam

Checking In: The Hoxton Hotel - Amsterdam


I've always dreamed of staying at The Hoxton, but the timings never felt right or I wasn't in the right city.

And when our Amsterdam trip came about, we'd first decided to do an Airbnb. There was five of us, so it made sense. But alas - Amsterdam and Airbnb don't go so well together, not for groups anyway! So we knew exactly where we all wanted to stay. Central, beautiful and the perfect hotel - The Hoxton!

We couldn't wait to check in and check out those very very comfy beds. Which may I confirm, are very very comfy.

We'd booked three of the Cosy rooms, as we knew we wouldn't be spending that much time in them. And to be honest, they were perfect for us - the rooms come equipped with everything you need, and enough space for us to dump our bags for the duration of our trip (because, who really unpacks these days anyway?!). The bathroom was also spacious, and gave us complete tile envy! And their new range of toiletries, Blank, are ideal if you're travelling light (and forgot all form of things like me…).

I can confirm that the beds are 12/10 comfortable, and whatever bedding they've opted for, it's absolute bliss. So much so, that it was incredibly hard for us to leave those warm burrito-like-duvets on our last morning (the hangover had nothing to do with it...). And waking up with the morning light coming in through the windows, and a breakfast on the go bag, was the perfect way to start the day.

You can’t go to The Hoxton and not check out the bar - especially when it looks as beautiful as this.

Once we’d checked in, dropped our bags and freshened up, we headed straight downstairs and set up camp in the corner of the restaurant. With us girls being very indecisive, we opted for similar cocktails and before we knew it, had lost away a few hours to a couple of drink rounds.

The atmosphere is bustling yet calming, friendly but not too invasive - and honestly, that’s just the kind of vibe I like. Hoxton Bar, you are something pretty special.

Not only is Hoxton THE place to be to rest your head, drink and mingle, it’s also well located.

Sitting pretty in Nine Streets, it’s surrounded by plenty of wonderful gems, from quirky cafes, cute stores and more restaurants than you can imagine. As Hoxton themselves say, it’s one of the most happening places to hangout in the Dam. Oh and the building of Hoxton itself, used to be home to the mayor’s house, so if you ask me, that’s a pretty cool fact to know as you drift off to sleep!

And if that wasn’t enough to get you booking your room at Hoxton, quicker than you can say space cake, then be tempted by the very cool vintage photobooth which is located perfectly in the lobby.

Which yes - takes up many fun hours.

Now, I’m just planning my next trip back to the Dam, because I want to sleep in those beds again…

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