Hello 2019

Hello 2019


I've never really been one to set goals for the new year, because realistically, we know it's not gonna happen.

You see, from a professional point of view - I'm super organised and ON IT. But from a personal one? Absolute mess

.Yet 2018 gave me a lot of time to reflect on things. It also made me think more, and re-evaluate areas in my life that maybe weren't quite right, or that needed working on. And with 2019, I'm slowly (fairly slowly at that) going to be making those changes, to be better, happier and more content. In myself, and my life. And for those around me. Oh and get myself back into a working routine, because whilst December was great to be jetting off everywhere, and spending Tuesday afternoons drinking wine, bills need to be paid. Although, that was fun whilst it lasted...

And with a new routine in full swing, here are some of the little things I'll be working on.

Worry less

It's not really shocking news that I'm a worrier. But since having therapy last year, where we spoke through everything backwards, I'm slowly realising what really does matter. A lot of the things I happen to worry about are either things that really aren't worth worrying about, or are out of my control. So with that, I'm working on telling myself these things every time something starts to get me worried. And as the old saying goes, what will be, will be. Although I can't quite guarantee I won't not worry about everything. I mean, one step at a time@

Love more

And with worrying less, I want to love more. I'd like to think that I love a fair amount anyway, because love truly costs nothing yet means the most. But I want to show those I love the most, just how much, by putting more time and care into current relationships and friendships. And with putting more time into those, I'm finally accepting that time spent on those who don't make you happy, aren't worth the love. So I'm hoping with this that the love I had on those other folk, can be put even more into my favourite people.


I feel so grateful that I got to travel a lot in 2018, and it's only given me the itch to discover even more places this year. There are so many gorgeous cities that I want to explore, with the male, my family and certainly trips with my friends - and I'm trying to be a little more organised this year by keeping an eye out for flight deals, undiscovered places, and of course, find time for a cheeky trip to Italy. Because, Italy is the one for me.

Be kinder to myself

One that I think all of us can always be doing better as, especially when we put so much pressure on ourselves, yet never take a step back to see how much we've achieved. We spend our lives wanting to achieve so much, yet when we actually reach those goals, we don't praise ourselves and instead go off in search of the next step or milestone. So I'm going to be embracing those small victories, whilst also not talking so negatively about myself. Because the way I've spoken to myself over the last few years, is never how I'd dream of talking to someone else - it's time to be kinder to me, starting now.


Since going freelance, it's been an interesting ride. I was lucky to have a client lined up before I'd even left my full time role, but after us parting ways at the end of the year due to them offering me a full time role (I wasn't ready for that step with them), I now feel fully at the start of the 'freelance life'. My aim is to get my website polished and finally finished, and have secured some clients who are the right fit for me. My workspace is all set up, my brain is on go (well, it's getting there), and I'm ready to focus, motivate and DO THIS.

Upload whatever and whenever I want

This might be a peculiar one, but I think it's all too easy to get too caught up in social media (myself included) and what we should and shouldn't be doing. I remember when I started this blog, the only social thing I had was Facebook (and that was only a personal account), and Twitter. I didn't have Instagram for at least two/three years later, but my blog was always the thing I loved the most. And whilst I've neglected here a whole lot over the last few years, I've realised that nobody can take away what I post. And if people don't like it, it really doesn't matter, because they don't have to read or look at it, or even like it. So here's to uploading whatever I want, whenever I want.

Regular haircuts

Oh this is a big deal. I have spent my whole life disliking the hairdressers, and only going because it was kinda the thing to do, and you know, we all sometimes feel like we need a freshen up. Even if it results in tears and hating it immediately after. BUT since having my hair balayaged last year, and the recent addition of my fringe-that-isn't-quite-a-proper-fringe cut in, I'm now realising how important it is to get my haircut. Because in hindsight, it DOES make me feel better - I just have to work on the styling myself. And happy hair = happier life.

"Whatever you are looking for, is looking for you too"

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