Summer blues

Little Me wears: A Lashes of London dress* and Superga trainers*.

Little B wears: A Burton tee, Primark shorts and Superga trainers*. 

And so the holiday blues have officially kicked in, after approximately 19 hours at home. Of course we were extremely excited to see the furries (although not so sure they felt the same), but we didn't half make the most of our cheeky lie ins whilst away. That soon changed this morning, when Little R decided that actually he'd befriend us again... But I think he was just eyeing up the parcels we'd received, in the hope we'd hurry up and open them (ooh he loves a bit of plastic and tissue!). When I unwrapped this dress, it took me seconds to decide what I would be popping on today! Plus white plimsoles never seem to fail with a pretty printed dress. Unless you're Little B and living on the edge with a burgundy pair, and teaming them with your trusty stripey tee. Wild thing.

I'm going to be honest, this dress won points today for helping to hide bread belly. It's funny how we're forever discussing (I say discussing because I certainly never get round to it) our bikini bodies we always long for, yet the minute you step off that plane, nobody cares. And more importantly, why can't we stop eating bread on holiday at every single meal?!! Never mind our suitcases coming back heavier, I think it's fair to say Little B and I could have done with some weighing. But alas, holiday is over now and reality has kicked back in.Starting with a super early night giving the furriest extra squidges, a big ole bar of Milka to be consumed and a film. As per usual. And I'm already looking forward to a bread filled breakfast. Because hey, it's Winter soon right?

White wheat

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