White wheat

Little Me wears: A dress, bag and boots all from Peacocks*.

Little B wears: A Peacocks tee*, Topman jeans, Surfdome belt and Peacocks boots*.

Whatever we're doing, there is always time in our lives for tea dresses and boots. We're not ashamed to admit that boots get us a little excited. In all variety. And when Little B got sent these desert boots, I'm pretty certain he did a happy jig, actually, I KNOW he did. He's been after some for a while, but couldn't quite find the right pair, until he spotted this pair. I think his life is now complete.  To be fair, the jigging didn't stop there when it was my turn to drool over this tea dress. I'd actually spied it on Kat's wishlist a while back, and managed to make room in my wardrobe for this perfectness of purple and pink. I may even go an extra step, and say that I feel a bit like Zooey D. All that's missing is my bike with a basket (trust me, I'm working on that one!)


The debate has now begun with Summer coming to an end, I'm hoping that we'll find time to squeeze in one last picnic where this dress will be ideal amongst strawberries and cakes, yet Little B is secretly wishing for Winter so he can potter around in his boots. I think there's always time for boots. But then a man in shorts and boots....?There's no place quite like parading your new fancy frock, in a field full of wheat. Because hey, if you can't do it in the town where the Weetabix is made, then when can you?!

Sunset palms

Summer blues