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Little Winter takeover

Hello Little Winter fans! I'm Claire and as well as being one of Katy's boogie nights companions, I write Jazzpad, a style and fashion blog based in Sheffield. As Little Winter is about a whole family of Littles, it seemed only natural for me to drag my little bloggy family into the mix to take over for the day while Katy's off on her jollies. 

Introducing the other half of Jazzpad, behind the camera. This is my lovely beau Liam, who takes many of my outfit photos. Needless to say, without him, I'd be pretty lost!Lots of us rely on our other halves to help our blogs stay, well, in check, at least. Liam rolls his eyes on a regular basis when I come home with yet another parcel, or when I'm late home from an event, or when I need him to take just a few more outfit shots because the lighting isn't quite right. I mean, I wouldn't say I'm demanding, but I thought it's about time for him to have his say..... Little Winter takeoverDid you like each other's dress sense when you first met?Claire: Careful.....Liam: ...Yes! When I first met Claire she was a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, and still is underneath all of those labels. She didn't really care about what she looked like, and it was refreshing. She still doesn't wear too much makeup, and never makes me late for going out and stuff.Claire: Well, that was nicer than I was expecting for the first question. Liam was a proper indie boy back in the mid noughties, band t-shirts, dreams of a Libertines tattoo, the lot. That was very fanciable to a swoony teenager!Do you enjoy being a part of the blogging world? Claire: Obviously!Liam: It has it's perks, though it can a pain in the bum because it takes up so much time! Claire loves it though, so that's cool. She keeps recommending menswear blogs for me to read, or asking me to do a menswear column on her own blog but I dunno. I'm the pictures guy - she's the one with words! Little Winter takeoverWhat's your favourite look on each other? Liam: I really liked Claire in this dress [above]. She looked really grown up and lovely - though I always think she looks great in a pretty dress. Probably because she hardly ever does, she likes her androgyny and sportswear kind of style.Claire: Liam's got a uniform. He won't mind me saying that. Every day his go-to style is a shirt, black trousers and converse, and I LOVE it. I'm often jealous that guys seem to have it easier to look good - it's much more simple for them! This is one of my favourite photos of him [above], it was in the middle of summer and we went to a castle for a picnic. He looks great!What do you like most about each other's fashion sense?Claire: He gets really excited when he finds a printed shirt or jacket or bag he doesn't already own. He's got guts to mix it all up (print clashing is cool in the womenswear world too, right?) and it makes him stand out from the crowd. Plus, he doesn't own any chinos. Or aztec t-shirts. Or vests. Which are all bonus points.Liam: Claire's experimental. I guess it comes with her creativityy, but she's pretty spontaneous and throws stuff together a lot. I like that about her personality, though it can be annoying when she changes her mind on an outfit last minute! I thought she looked really cool at the #VintSetFest, I liked how unexpected she looked, and not like the other girls. Little Winter takeoverThere you go guys! The insight into a blogging relationship. I hope you enjoyed! For more ramblings and unexpected sartorial nonsense, come and say hello over at my blog, called Jazzpad. Big smooshes to Katy for letting me take over for the day! That girl is awesomesauce.Follow Claire: Jazzpad | Claire on Twitter

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