Life lately.

This afternoon, we did what most of the world got up to, and wore as little clothing as we could, and sunbathed in the garden. This baby bird flew into the window, so Papa G rescued him and helped him learn to fly to his mama.

This week, most mornings have started with a refreshing jar of juice. Complete with new pink ribbon and swirly straws. Today, we went for a fancy lunch. This is my brother, he's always wanted to be on the blog!

Yesterday was spent at a family BBQ. The pure excitement kicked in when the marshmallows came out and were toasted on the chiminea. I think the adults were more excited than the children! Perfect end to a BBQ.

As if it isn't already hard enough to get out of bed in the mornings, this little furry one doesn't make it any easier. His cute nose is always curled up so close to our faces. We love opening the voils though to let the light in.

Admittedly, we've spent a lot of time in bed this week. It seems to have been non stop somehow and once we're home, the pyjamas are on, and into bed we snuggle. I secretly love getting into an unmade bed!

The Little Winters x

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