Yellow flame.

Little Me wears: A dress that was kindly sent to me by Claire Bear, and Primark pumps and belt.

Little B wears: A tee from River Island, Pull and Bear chinos, and Brakeburn shoes*.

It's not everyday that we get to see so much yellow in one go, so when that cheeky sun came out at the weekend, we thought we'd go one step further and head to those yellow fields that I'm forever in awe of, for a lazy stroll. I'm going to say this only once, but Little B is a good egg, considering he has hayfever, he didn't complain once. And he even picked me a bunch (so, they may have died in the car shortly after...) Super big man points there.

We actually spent most of our weekend eating too much, which to be honest, is becoming a bit too normal every Sunday and Monday! With the weather on our side, we joined the rest of the world and headed to a family BBQ, followed by a fancy afternoon lunch date, and then finished up with a good old 'gathering' at the parents house. If only we weren't such lightweights.. But I guess that's what sunglasses are invented for. Right?

Tomorrow, we're hopefully off to the Company blog awards. I say we, but it'll just be me supporting the Little's! We have a very small chance at winning, but the fact we were nominated has pleased us enough to the moon and back. Sadly Little B has to work. And well, someone's gotta look after those crazy furries.

You should see what they get up to when we're not around!

The Little Winters x

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