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Last weekend, I made the mistake of taking Little B to one of my favourite villages. Because, well, like me, he fell in love with it! The village is one that my dad grew up in as a child, so with all these childhood stories, and adventures that we even had here as children ourselves, makes it the perfect place for a Monday afternoon stroll.

No stroll can take place without two stomachs full to the brim. Especially when it comes in the form of The Dovecote farm. We never need to find an excuse to go for lunch there... Not only is their organic beer and strawberry lemonade enough to tempt us back each week, but the choice of sandwiches and soup has us drooling at the menu, before we'd even ordered. And you just can't beat a good warm chicken and leek pasty on a windy day.

When we'd finally managed to pull ourselves out of our seats, and had drank all the last drops of those refreshing drinks, we parked up the car and headed for a stroll down to the ford. Even without the sunshine shimmering down onto the water, it still looked as beautiful and peaceful as always. This is the perfect spot for a Summer picnic, and takes me back to those bike rides my family used to take us on round by this ford.

Since living in a cottage, we've become a bit fixated with every cottage we seem to pass. This row of cottages (and a hairdressers!) caught our eyes, with numerous pretty flower pots, the stone wall and of course, the blue doors (we're blue door fans!). It most definitely made Little B fall in love with this place as much as me.

I wonder where we'll head next weekend...

The Little Winters x

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