Why do you buy the hand that feeds you.

Little Me wears: A blazer from River Island, an Urban Outfitters dress, a Marc B bag* and Ash boots.

Little B wears: A Burton cardigan, a Primark tee, Daniel Wellington watch*, Topman jeans and Matalan shoes*.

This week has been a really odd one, and if we're honest, we'll be glad to see the back of it. There have been plenty of tears, lots of family time, and also a little spending spree to cheer us up (including a brand spanking new camera - finally!) Oh and just to top it off.. We were crowned Cutest couple by Kigu! I wonder if we'd ever be in the running for matching colour outfits? Because today we did a good job of that.

As much as I love all my many items in my wardrobe, this is definitely by far my favourite dress (ask Little B what I wear every other day, and he'd pick this!) and even with my trusted blazer. Plus as Little B says "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"..! Although, he completely went against his words after declaring he'd never wear a cardigan....

It must have been his new shiny watch that made him feel the need for a new cardigan. And personally, I think he looks pretty dapper! Like my shoes.. Which I also wear all of the time. But that's OK right?

So, with Little B changing his tune, and wearing cardigans, and then Little Me sticking to the same dress and blazer, it's becoming clear who's more fashion blogger as of late...

The Little Winters x


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