Taking over this town, they should worry.

Little Me wears: A Mary Jane fashion jacket*, a dress from Missguided, a H&M faux fur stole, Matalan bag*, Primark socks and New Look boots.

So today looks like a little bit of a bad hair day, or just like a potato face. With hair. That's me right there. But it's not about the hair, it's about this beautiful jacket. I think I've possibly said about 463739 times to Little B how much I want a jacket with the leather sleeves (pleather of course!) but somehow they've never looked quite right, or I spent my money on sweets instead. And most of the time, it was the sweets story. So when the not so hot postman dropped this through my door first thing in the morning, I popped it on and headed to work, with the tags still on and not having looked in the mirror (that's how everyone does it these days right?), and officially became a happy little lady.

I'm still working on my cool attire look, but sometimes cute things just get in the way, like these frilly socks. Although, to be honest, they're totally overshadowed by the splodge of snow on my toe. Error!

And with my failed attempt at being a fashion blogger once again, I'm off to be stared at by Little R whilst I cut the middle of my lilies out. Otherwise we'll end up with a pink bearded fluffy one.

The Little Winters x

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