A little bit of this and that. Again.

This week I had some lovely ladies come to stay (Steph and Kim) and we took lots of photos and had a jolly good time. Tonight I snuggled up in my warm bed with nothing but the lanterns shining.

This week I did the florist run, which is my favourite time of day. I picked these flowers to brighten up the rubbish weather. Today I had the best breakfast I had in a long time. It was delicious.

This week we ate lots of pancakes for breakfast and dinner. Pancake day should be once a month. On Thursday night we drove to Hertfordshire at 1am. Coffee was needed and pyjamas too!

This week Schmidt enjoyed a game of hide and seek in Little B's sleeve. He's so sweet, I want to snuggle him forever. On Tuesday, Little R and I had semi naked evening, where we watched trashy TV.

This week, Little R had another adventure outside, getting his teeny paws wet with the remains of the snow. On Saturday I wore my favourite skirt and felt like half of a watermelon.

The Little Winters x

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In the middle of it, we walk the line over and over.

Why do you buy the hand that feeds you.