The ones behind the adverts: February.


Little lady Steph is a bit of dream, so of course her blog name suits her entirely. With her fabulous outfit posts, and her sweet home pictures, they're sure to make you jealous (I know they do me!) Not only does she have a pretty dashing partner, and two gorgeous pups, but she's also one of the nicest ladies about.


Not only is Sophie absolutely adorable but she also has the wardrobe too. With her super sweet smile, and her perfect bowler hat, she makes blog reading a pure delight. Sophie's blog is the right mix of fashion and lifestyle, with some yummy food photos added in for good measure too.


When I'm not staring at Danielle's luscious locks, I'm eyeing up her beautiful dresses and jewellery. Clicking onto her blog, may make me a little hungry with her fab recipes but your mind is sure to wander when you soon feel like you've joined her on a day out with her wonderful snapshots.


Jen seems like the type of girl you'd want to hang out with. She's one for sharing blogs that she's found whether them new or favourites. When Jen isn't making up wishlists, or showing us what she's been cooking, we're captivated by the fun things shes getting up to and enjoying.


Whenever I browse through Sundari's perfect photos, they make me want to read more. She seems like the most down to earth ladie, which completely shows in her lifestyle posts. Rose Beauty has the perfect mix of beauty products and lifestyle, and also a pretty nice new Ted Baker purse too..


Oh Steph and her wardrobe are absolutely wonderful. With her spot on reviews, and her gorgeous hat, she's definitely one to tempt you with new items! Bonjour Belle has just the right mix of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and some accessories that are too good not to be missed.


If you're after beauty reviews, and good ones too, Hayley's blog is the place to be. Not only does she own some pretty gorgeous lipsticks, but she's also got some an array of nail varnish colours too! Hayley's just reached 600 followers, and has a pretty generous giveaway right now!

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