This week we've enjoyed...

This week we've really enjoyed waking up and the morning light coming through, making our little orchid stand out. I can't wait for the mornings to get even lighter.

This week I've been wearing a lot of burgundy and polka dots. Because it's Spring soon, and I'm excited. I want it to hurry up so I can leave my tights at home, and put on my sandals.

This week, I've been treated to two sets of flowers, which make me a happy little flower lady. Lillie's and tulips are my favourite. I also gave my mum a bunch, to cheer her and her kitchen up.

This week my evenings have been spent snuggled up in bed wearing my new grandad jumper, with hot ribena and a magazine. This is my favourite time of the day, especially when it's nice and warm.

This week I've spent a lot of time in my parent's kitchen. Not only because it's really nice, but also for company for my mama whilst Papa G is in hospital. Takeaways and wine have been consumed. And this furry one.

This week, Little R has been going a little wild and growing like crazy. He's found new things to play with, and made a new bed for himself.. In the bathroom sink.

This week also involved a lot of hot chocolate and the leftover sweets from last weekend. Tonight will be spent exactly the same way. And Little B will be able to join me. What about you?

The Little Winters x

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