And the warmth rang true inside these bones.

Little Me wears: A Topshop dress, a bag from Primark and New Look boots.

Little B wears: A Burton cardigan, a New Look shirt, jeans from Topman and shoes from Matalan*.

Sometimes it's nice to just get your fancy pants clothes on. Even if it's only heading to ASDA. And yes, sometimes we may or may not do this, so we look like we're really important people living really busy important lives...

Although I'm not sure important people buy lots of flowers and watering cans in the supermarket though? I think that's just something that I do. I guess it's acceptable in a pretty dress though right? This is still a favourite dress of mine, even channeling my inner Little Bo Peep... Maybe I can buy Little R and S a sheep get up..?! Not sure Little B would agree though, but he's too busy enjoying his life with his £3 shirt and fancy tie. But I'm not going to complain because I think he looks pretty dapper... At this rate, he'll soon be on par with Joseph Gordon Levitt!

To be honest, any normal person would pick a real life character to compare their style too, not Little Bo Peep. I guess, if Little B is attempting the JGL look, then surely I should get the bangs back in and start singing "Hey Girl... It's Jess". If you're rubbish like us, then here's how to dress like your favourite TV character.

With all this nattering, Little Bo Peep certainly has lost her sheep, and must go find them. And make the bed first, for Kimbo and Claire who are staying with us this weekend. And we cannot wait!

The Little Winters x

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* collaborative post.

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