In the middle of it, we walk the line over and over.

Little Me wears: A By Zoe blouse, jeans from Dorothy Perkins, Ash wedges, and a Matalan bag*.

It's not very often you see the whole household in jeans. Actually, you will never see the whole household in jeans as Little R and Little S are right naked runners. SO, it's not very often you see myself in jeans. But lately, I've been having a bit of an affair with them and I'm finding myself choosing them over dresses, because somehow I think they make me look quite cool (yes, I did it again!). Plus they're actually pretty comfy too..

They're probably comfy because they're about 6 years old (I wish I was joking!) but balancing it out with a brand new blouse makes it all the better. This isn't my usual style blouse, but I picked it up in the sale at work as it had totally been eyeing me up, even if I did sneakily stitch up the slit in the neckline! I'm such a bore.

Tonight is spent tidying up the house (I swear we're forever tidying it!) after a cheeky weekend with two lovely ladies. Little B has just popped the kettle on which definitely calls for a tasty hot chocolate. And then that'll end up fighting off Little R for my marshmallows. He's such a marshmallow fiend!

The Little Winters x

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