We still have hours to run about to scale the map

Dress: New Look. Boots: Primark.

I wish I could pretend to take the cool credit for this bodycon dress, but yes, again Mama Mcfred's wardrobe has done it again. We're so onto a winner. Especially considering I'm not even a bodycon fan! And I bloody love it!

I had a little sleepover at theirs this weekend, and as soon as she was out that door, I was straight into her wardrobe.. Kinda like the cat really. It's literally like a shop in there! But this one caught my eye, so of course I popped it on with my trusty Primark booties. And thought it a great opportunity to totter down to the bottom of the garden and pose like a little lost fairy.

I reckon, on those skinny days, I'll find myself wearing this! Although I can't say I'm a converted bodyconner. Smocks anyday!

Plus it's doughnut day tomorrow.. Right before Zumba. Yep.


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If only I could, I'd be running up that hill