Here's how we wear: The Stripey Tee

1: Katie from Tatty Boots. 2: Laura from Only Half Dressed. 3: Rebecca from Its Cohen. 4: Baby. In corner.

Friday's always come around super quick. Which is good for most of us, because ola weekendo! And also because it's a chance for new friendly faces on this blog! What more could we want in life. Oh a bank holiday too. Check.

So anywayz, with the weather (always back to the same story!) being hit and miss, and that awkward in between stage, where Autumn is creeping up on us, it seemed like the perfect time to dig out a popular item that everyone and their mothers have..

The stripey tee.

Katie says "I have a real thing for pairing navy and burgundy, so thought this stripe top and skirt worked pretty well together!"

Laura says "Stripes are my favourite, because they go with anything whether it's another plain garment or patterned - although mixing stripes is the best!"

Rebecca says "Whenever I wear stripes I like to think of myself as a classy parisian chick. Unfortunately, I still manage to walk into inanimate objects, but at least I feel chic when doing it."

I say "Funnily enough, stripes scare me. Like massively. I'm not sure why, but they do. So I played it safe over a dress. One step at a time. Thinking about it, it's not that funny.

How do you style your stripey tee? Is it a go to piece for you? Or are you like me, and a little afraid of them?  River Island have a great selection at the moment, perfect for this weather!


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