If only I could, I'd be running up that hill

Top: c/o MissIkon. Shorts: Topshop. Shoes: c/o Tribeca Shoes. Bag: Matalan.

When the weather's nice, the legs come out to play. To be fair, the legs always come out, regardless of if it's raining or not. But lately, it's been dresses. I've kinda sacked of my shorts recently, so when this amazing giraffe top popped through my door, I thought I'd get back into my shorts mode. And now I am, I can't stop wearing them. I always do this with clothes!

I also very kindly got sent these lovely little brogues which seriously haven't left my little tootsies. With my job being hands on, I had to put the heels to rest (trust me, I tried) so these seemed the perfect replacement. And what's not to love about the pink sole?!

And in other news, HELLO I just got a new car!! After 6 years using my first ever car, it was time to 'treat' myself. So I did. In style of course. Although I couldn't get my head around not being able to take it home right there and then.

Seriously, they should sort that. Because I want it NOW! I need the cool factor.


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We still have hours to run about to scale the map

Waiting in a car, waiting for the right time.