I'm gonna paint you by numbers

Knit: H&M. Dress: Asos. Belt: Primark. Boots: Truffle.

What a complete contrast to the playsuit photos where I was a complete and utter poser whore, and here I am somewhat shy looking.. Maybe it was the overflowing eyebrows, or the huge zit that appeared on my face. But whatevs, the zit has thankfully left town and my eyebrows have been tamed thanks to the salon lady (man love you trillions)

Still completely in love with this ASOS dress, and today I was prepared to wear just that under my coat, however after realising that it WAS actually chilly, I teamed it with my trusty knit. I wasn't sure of the colours to begin with, but as the day went on, I decided it did. And now this will totally be my go to outfit. Seeya later shorts and blouse combo.

I've been home for possibly half an hour in my apartment. And I'm bored and lonely already. I wish Schmidt would do some funky dance, or at least offer to help me pack away my many new clothes. Yes many new clothes. Funny how last week I owned zero playsuits. And now this week, I've purchased too. I totally blame Mama Mcfred.. Or I just ran out of excuses!

Now I'm off to evict the North Pole out of my apartment, who rudely moved in whilst littlebum and I were away. I shall tell them to bugger off, and let the radiators do the real work. I think I need to sit inside my mug of tea, never mind drink it.

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