Like a banana in a blender

Jumper: Miss Selfridge. Dress: Asos

The thing that I love about coming home, is that I feel like I have an entire new wardrobe to play with.. Courtesy of Mama Mcfred! Yes, this is her jumper.. and I love it! I want to place it secretly in my suitcase and take it home. However, it does make me look like a little dumpling.. but with the way I've eaten this week, I'll be just that soon!

I've literally had the best week ever at home, catching up with all my friends, having epic amounts of food, whether it home cooked, farm lunches or dinner dates, spending time with my family, huge amounts of shopping and plenty of walks. 

1: Driving home. 2: Excitement at seeing the BFF. 3: Dinner dates

4: Cuddles with the toddler. 5: Sexual hot chocolates. 6: Best farm shop EVER.

7: Cupcake lunches. 8: Mini eggs galore and movies. 9: The prey after food.

10: Schmidt catching some rays. 11: A quick lunch at Costa. 12: Mama's chilli.

Now I have to head back tomorrow, back to the cold apartment that we live, in preparation for a huge pile of emails that awaits me at work. And many parcels to collect from the post office for me - I guess there's always a brightside to everything!

And with that, I am sitting here with Mama Mcfred, a bottle of wine, and some stoooopid Friday night TV, enjoying the last of my holiday. I can't even say I'm relaxed.. I've spent most of my nights watching 90210 instead of sleeping! 

Guess it's back to the normal life of getting into bed at 5pm with a cup of tea.

Least I'll get to see littlebum. I hope he's bought me a present.. Or better still, just buys me something from Topshop!

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