I spilled the ink across the land

Jumper and Skirt: Topshop. Blouse and bow: New Look. Wedges and socks: Primark

Oh HAI there bumcheeks (you probably wouldn't have noticed, but with me now bringing them up you will notice because you'll go back and look I bet. Which is what I would do) whatcha doing out in the snow?!

I wasn't going to post today, partly because I wanted to be a lazy scrotum and not move out of bed, but after sadly driving to my parents house last week leaving behind my new skirt, I only felt I owed it one by wearing it today. Along with my new jumper. I like skirts. Skirts don't like me. My bum always thinks it has one up over skirts. WE GET IT ASS, YOU WIN. But on this occasion, I thought screw it, I'm buying it. So I did. Because I love it. It's pretty super short, like mega short. However, it has underlining which for once I'm grateful of, and this way my ass will never be able to leave (except for these photos)

And YES I'm wearing my wedges and sock combo again. This is how I roll. If you know me by now, when I do something and I like it, I continue to do it A LOT. So just bare with me for this month whilst I wear the socks and wedges basically every opportunity that I can. Don't worry something else will overtake soon.

Seriously, how can a TV show have taken over my life within a few weeks. I spend my evenings hooked on 90210 (currently on season 2) quickly swifting from one episode to another. Once I've finally turned off my laptop, I end up dreaming about the characters?!! (whaaaat!) and then instead of having a nice warm lie in, I'm waking up early so I can continue and pretend I'm living the dream with them. I need a hobby.

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PeeEss: To all those googling scrotum, bumcheeks or penis... Apologies if you landed here. I'm not the scrotum you're looking for.

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