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Shoes: Le Bunny Bleu

I was ever so kindly sent a gift. Technically two gifts really. Shoes. It would be a bit silly if I only got one right?

The lovely people at Le Bunny Bleu offered to send me any choice of shoes that I liked. Now I'm not really a ballet pump shoe kinda girl. I wear boots, wedges and attempt to walk in heels. So I kinda debated what to go for, something simple or something different... There was genuinely so much choice, did I want a classic cute pump with some bow detailing, or something vibrant that made the world stop? And after browsing the site, an hour late I chose the pair. The different pair. And they were shipped to me. All the way from America...

I was extremely excited when I got home from the post office. Carrying the average brown box. And upon opening this brown box, I was greeted with a super cute box. I love boxes, literally. I spent ages staring at the box itself. Once I got over my excitement and turned into a real human again.. the cutest little stud eyes stared right at me. They were even cuter in real life. Even down to the little detailing, with the shiny nose and those adorable ears! Of course I slipped them on straight away, strutting up and down my corridor thinking I was some bunny owner! (till I fell over - must learn to walk in flats!) 

Le Bunny Bleu are based in New York, but they recently opened up a shop in Westfield, so if you are impatient like myself and cannot wait to order them on the internet, then you really should check out their collection. I can guarantee you'll end up falling in love. I've never seen feet look so good before.

Considering I don't own any pumps, I'm already thinking which pair to purchase next. Is it wrong that I want some more bunnies

But for now, I cannot wait to take my new bunny friends out on an adventure.. Pass me the carrots.

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