Up in flames

Playsuit: Dorothy Perkins. Shoes: New Look

Funny how last week I didn't own any playsuits for the fact I never wanted my hungry ass on show, or worse, the dreaded camel toe. And then this week, I ended up with two. That don't give me any of the above (maybe even a smaller bum - We can only dream)

I was a little unsure of this playsuit, I loved the colour but was it a little too much, and maybe a bit "woah man, you bought your first one.. slow it down" kinda thing? But being the easily persuaded (thanks Mama Mcfred) I bought it. I couldn't really not. It was £10. Two and a half lunches. When I think of it like that, it does make me a little sad that I sacrificed lunches. Actually that's a lie.. I bought lunch anyway. And maybe a few more bits of clothing.

Basically I did the most stupidest thing in life ever yesterday. The day after it snowed, I thought for some reason I could manage walking to work in my heels. REALLY? Who was I kidding? And more importantly who did I think I was? Because as soon as I stepped out my door, I walked like I was mid process of giving birth to an egg. However, I didn't stop and turn around. Nope I got halfway, until I realised that actually maybe I was a little silly and couldn't do this. It resulted in me wearing my butch boots racing to work like I was in the navy. I think I pulled off the egg pregnancy better...

Why do I never seem to have appropriate footwear whatever I do? I think that calls for a new pair. Again.

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