Things that make me, me.. Runkle.

I did a post a while back about the things that make me, me. And so I thought I'd do a Runkle edition. Because he's a fairly big character in this house and even though he spends half of his days curled up in the tree pretending to be a bird, he does things too (actually we're working on the exercise part...) and just like any animal, he likes the most peculiar of stuff..I think maybe it's true what they say, that animals are similar to their owners...

Runkle likes eating. He really likes eating. But we have a routine.. He has dry biscuits throughout the day and then he has a wet pouch in the evening, and that's how we work. He enjoys cheeky treats every so often - and his latest favourite is the Gourmet Soup* pouches. Poured into a tapas bowl, he truly feels like he's ordered a Chicken & Sweetcorn soup from the local Chinese. And I believe he maybe wins the Guiness World Record for eating it the quickest. Oh and maybe the cleanest bowl ever.

Runkle likes affection. Runkle really likes affection, and has developed this weird habit where by he immediately comes and settles down onto my lap whenver I'm wearing a towel. I'm not sure how it started, or why it pleases him, but wherever he is or whatever he's up to - you can guarantee that within seconds of me sitting on the side of my bed to 'dry', he'll be there in a flash..!

Runkle likes slobbing. Runkle always has a reason to slob. And his latest one involves his legs set apart, laying on his back and expecting a full face massage. If you've never given your cat a face massage (just under their cheek area), then try it. You'll enjoy it as much as them!

Runkle likes hibernating. Runkle is partial to hiding in places where he believes nobody will ever find him. The only problem is, is that if it's not his big ears poking out of the drawers, it's his big butt hanging out from under the bed. But to be fair, I don't blame him from hibernating when it's raining.Nobody wants to sit outside all day...

Runkle likes daydreaming. Genuinely, Runkle daydreams. He spends his evenings looking out at the blank wall, or the morning sat on the windowsill watching the world go by. And when he's asleep? Oh he sure dreams a lot. Sometimes he runs (not too much though, it tires him out!), and sometimes he catches things. And other times he thinks about food. Gourmet Soup food I bet..!

Runkle likes me. And I like him. Which is what makes us a right little pair!Although actually, there's a new friend in town who's currently beating me to the BFF title.I'm not sure I'm cool with this - it's a good job he's cute!The cat that is, not the new friend. Actually, he is too...

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