Life Lately

A few weeks ago, I braved the town on a Saturday (I couldn't tell you the last time I'd done this!) and pottered about for last minute Christmas presents (me and Rosie were doing January Christmas - which turned into February!) and I ended up buying lots of bits and bobs to make a scrapbook. I thought it would be the perfect place to look back on. Plus any excuse to buy fun craft things...!

I've missed being at home, and decided that today was a stay at home and mooch about/catch up on life kinda day. And although I was up fairly early (as usual!), I'm yet to get dressed, have eaten all the snacks in the house and spent the morning sitting in the garden with those kittens who have thoroughly enjoyed my company too.

With working away for the past two weeks, I've completely felt out of the loop with everything, including catching up with friends and seeing family. On the other hand, it's always nice to spend a few weeks away from the office in a cute hotel, even if involves living out of a suitcase and hoping a few glasses of wine will help sleep away this buzzing brain. Sometimes a late night cuppa isn't so bad either...

Changing the bed is always a right pain without the help of a kitten who really enjoys pouncing through the duvet. Little Ralph is a complete wild thing (I really don't get when he sleeps..?) and will try his hardest to get under any duvet he can. And fresh white sheets? Yeah, they're his absolute favourite of course!

I think Little Runkle has missed me, because since Friday, he has not left my side. He does not stop purring when he jumps on the beds and comes in for a snuggle, and has taken to sitting on the windowsill when we're in the bath. Oh that little cute face of his. If I could take him to work everyday, I definitely would!

Little B and I spent the weekend at Sarah and Gray's house with Rosie and Tom and Claire and Liam, and just like the last time, had an absolutely brilliant weekend. We spent Saturday afternoon drinking cider, eating too much halloumi and getting competitive over a game of Pug-opoly in the local pub, followed by an evening of laughs and pea chat and some pretty tasty pulled pork (topped with plastic cheese - hooray!). With Sunday being a beautiful day, we headed for a walk around Kenilworth and finished the weekend with a delicious lunch and a wild trip to Wilkinsons. A weekend revolving around food, drink and laughter is the best kind.

These girls? They're all kinds of awesome. And if we were a bunch of peas, we'd be the sassiest peas in the world.

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