The Simple Things

We're slowly getting back into routine, including replying to those emails which have been ignored for well over a month (sorry to anyone awaiting a reply!). With working away a lot these next few months, my new best friend has genuinely become this Logitech Keyboard*. My fingers on the iPad (and iPhone for that matter) always catch other letters, so blogging whilst away tends to be put aside, but not no more! It's light to carry, connects to three devices by Bluetooth and doubles up well as a Netflix prop-me-up so it's a win for me.

 We're currently in talks about a new kitchen. Since living in our home a year, the kitchen has slowly deteriorated, with us not even having a cutlery drawer no more. We kinda know what we're after, something minimalist with shelves for displaying all those kilner jars and a real wood work top that matches our table and bench, but as we've also discovered lately.. It's quite tricky to agree on somethings! At this rate, we won't have a kitchen until 2016....!

Hooray, it's mini eggs time! I can never ever get enough of mini eggs, like ever! So when Little B was heading to the shops the other night and asked if I had any requests, it only seemed right to bring home a bag of mini eggs. Sadly (and hugely weird), they didn't have any and Little B didn't want to come home empty handed. So he stocked up on the Pick & Mix stuff and filled that bag right up!

Poor little Runkybum.. He had a little trip to the vets this week, and it turns out that he has cystitis. Speaking to the nice vet, we surprisingly found out this was caused from stress, and something so simple as taking away a litter tray, only leaving one, could leave any cat feeling stressed. With Ralph around we're still learning, so we've doubled back up on the litter trays, give Runkle some one on one every night and invested in a Feliway plug in!

Little Ralph is definitely growing up fast.. We decided this weekend to let him out in the hope that it'll tire him out and also keep him occupied! It took him a little while to venture outside but decided that the rest of the day would be spent sniffing all the plants and attempting to climb onto the shed. This photo actually makes him look like a full grown cat, but he's actually still very kitten like. Because this kitten does not sleep....!

We've been enjoying family time a lot lately and when the sun is shining, we've been taking walks around the quarry. It's always lovely to make the time for family and friends, and make sure that there's a next date in the diary to meet up with Little B's parents whether it be dinner in a quaint village, or a sleepover at ours or their house. And there's always time for dinner at my parents house, and a cup of tea on the weekends. The best kinds.

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