Cosy Organising

With Christmas only two hand countdowns away (eight days SAYWHAT?) we're feeling pleasantly chuffed that everything is sorted (all except for Christmas Day food - I'm totally leaving it to Little B on Monday!) and most presents were purchased months before. Admittedly, next on the list is wrapping - which if you ask me, the first few are always fun and have attention to detail... Then the rest? It becomes a chore. So at the weekend, I carted all the presents upstairs along with boxes of wrapping and sellotape and a big mug of tea and headed to the spare bedroom to get fully festive. And feel like an elf for the afternoon.

In trying to be ridiculously organised, Little B has been tidying the house bit by bit daily, "so not to leave it to the last minute" (honestly, I'm such a messy person.. I can't help but leave things about the place..) and so Sunday morning I set about freshening up the spare bedroom with this new bedding set from the Secret Linen Store, which may I add is so incredibly soft, that it's almost difficult to stop stroking it (weird huh?). Little B's parents are staying in the spare room over Christmas and because we love playing host, new bedding is always a win (and even more of a win when it's packaged so beautifully that you debate leaving it like that in the airing cupboard...!) and by slowly replacing those floral bedsheets we used for guests, it makes for a very happy Little B's papa.

And because we all know how much I enjoy my own bed, and any form of cosy and snug bedding, I felt it was only right to jump into that freshly made bed whilst wrapping my presents.. I guess we could call it testing it out? To make sure the guests have a good night sleep.... Right?And although I mentioned how much of a chore wrapping presents normally are, maybe this time wasn't so bad. Having a short break after every present wrap, before finishing it up with a pretty gingham bow and a tasty Lindt treat, and sipping on hot tea whilst staring out the window (or stopping those pesky kitties from fighting the wrapping paper...) made that afternoon a pretty chilled one. And one that has me counting down the days till those gingham bows will be no more. Next year I'll be opting for tin foil...!

Secret Linen Charcoal Bedding Set* | Knit Cushion* | Asda Christmas Mug | Lidl Ribbon

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