The cat Life Part 1

There is not a day that goes by when these two don't do something which has me shouting to Little B "AHHH, but just come and LOOK at them (again)". Runkle and Ralph are comical together, even if Runkle sometimes wishes that Ralph would just disappear.. Just for five minutes peace. Seriously, that kitten, does NOT stop. Like ever!

When Runkle is laying down, he's pretty likely to be wanting a nap, y'know, that's what cats do.. But Ralph instead thinks that maybe he's just an easier target to pounce on and his only chance to almost be 'bigger' than Runkle. Within minutes though, Ralph is squished by Runkle and his big tum. Bur swings and roundabouts...

 One day out of seven (it's becoming towards 2/3), when they've spent all day play fighting (with sometimes the occasional time out session - no names, just little little paws....), they'll end up curling up on the sofa with Runkle feeling the need to wash Ralph before he nuzzles in. Ralph doesn't mind - it saves him a job!

 Trying to get things done lately is proving a little more difficult.. Whereas before, Runkle would sniff about and then head off to do whatever, Ralph wants to be about and THERE, constantly. LIke always about. And trying to take photos? 70 out of 80 photos have a cat tail or nose in. I don't mind though... It's my new favourite excuse.

 If Runkle could talk, I can guarantee that somedays he'd question "is he dead yet?". A few mornings when we've all been struggling to get up and want an extra few minutes in bed, Ralph bounces on to the duvet and heads straight for either the eyelashes, nose, phone cables or Runkle - mostly Runkle! Runkle gets up when he wants, and his only answer for peace and quiet? To slightly tap Ralph off the bed. Just one more push, he thinks.

And although they aren't the best of friends (hey, they're only normal) for under a month, Runkle has been amazing at letting this tiny-and-constantly-full-of-energy-fluffball into his home, and Ralph? He's just having the best time ever.. Because, THINGS, things just keep on moving, and he needs them all, at the same time.

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