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A few years ago, I baked my first cupcake and then I became obsessed. So obsessed that I started a cupcake business with a friend. It lasted 3 months and I gave up. Since then, I have only baked sweet treats on the rare occasion (note, when I'm really begged). So when I spied these chocolate moulds* on Dotcomgilftshop, I decided that maybe it was time for homemade baking again. And because who doesn't love a good chocolate? A flavoured chocolate in particular!

These chocolates are incredibly simple to make, so simple that I really shouldn't claim them as a recipe at all (and the fact that you can buy honeycombe and oreo chocolate in the shops anyway!), but the fact they're 'handmade' makes it that little more enjoyable - so we think anyway! To make these delicious bites, you will need:Milk Chocolate (plain chocolate is best.. And we prefer Cadburys!)White ChocolateHoneycombeOreo's Or any other biscuit of choiceDr Oetker's Eton MessDouble CreamCocoa Powder (optional)Firstly add boiling water to a pan, and place on the hob till it begins boiling. Whilst this is warming, break up your chocolate into pieces. For measurements, I used two squares per mould (sometimes this leaves with you a little more and sometimes with a little less). Add this to a bowl, and place on top of the pan. The best tip I was given, is to not continuously stir it! Wait until it's fairly melted before stirring it and taking it off the heat.

Once your chocolate is melted, in another pan heat up your cream. When the cream is heated add a splash to the chocolate and stir. In a bowl I crushed up the oreo biscuits till they were crumb like and then stirred them into the mixture. Divide into the moulds and pop into the freezer until set. And that, my friends, is it.The most simple (and probably not really a recipe-like) way of making chocolate.I made four sets of chocolate, with the most favourite being white chocolate Eton Mess - these went down such a treat!I cannot recommend the Dr Oekten new sprinkles enough - they have Lemon Meringue, Eton Mess and Banoffee Pie which are ultimate dreamy mixed in with chocolate! They make the perfect little gift for family, popped into a paper bag with ribbon and if you made enough like us, then there's plenty to keep for yourself too. We popped them into this adorable Glass Jar* and placed in the fridge to pick at every so often. Delicious!

So without Dotcomgift shop, we wouldn't have re-found our love for homemade goodies. The chocolate moulds* are the perfect size for bite-size chocolates and I am in love with the extremely cute Japanese dipping bowls* which make it so much easier for all the ingredients. I think it's fair to say that we'll be adding a bag of these to all our Christmas presents this year...!


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