Christy Home Bedding

Have you ever wondered what kind of bedding the queen probably sleeps on? No? Well, I have.. And I finally think I have found the answer. She sleeps on Egyptian Cotton sheets with enough room to hospital corner the edges. She likes a square pillow with enough cushion to rest her busy head and she also sleeps like an absolute baby. So I think anyway, because that's how I feel right now. All thanks to Christy Home.

Santiago Bed Linen | Stockholm Cushion | Reed Diffuser

If there's one thing that we're not lacking in our home.. it's bedding. My mama always comments on how much bedding we own (note, also buy every other month..) and are partial to a fresh new bed set (we do wash and re-use FYI, we're not THAT bad!). But since a fairly big box landed on my doorstep, our lives feel different. We sleep better and we know that no other pillow is ever going to compete with the ones Christy Home do. Ever.

You know when you're in a hotel, and you're half asleep, feeling really cosy, sleepy and so happy to be resting that head on the pillow, and then you move, making the bedsheets crumple and that crisp noise happens, making you sigh, like a comforting sigh of happiness? Well, this  Santiago Bed Set is that moment right there. But over and over again. Those freshly plumped pillows that never seem to crumple, have us wishing away the early evening for bedtime and the crispness of the duvet brushing past the linen bed sheet makes us never want to leave our bed in the morning. Completed with a a soothing scented reed diffuser by the side of the bed has only added to our calm and relaxing bedroom. And as for Christy Home in general? I think they have converted us to the life of the thread count..


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