Zucchini Meatbals

We eat a lot of courgette, like basically in every single meal (I think I'm going to end up saying this about all vegetables!) and whilst going about my daily pinning I saw many recipes with courgette as the pasta replacement. As much as I LOVE carbs (they call me carb queen.. well, kinda) I was eager to try this and when I read Lizzie's post, I got right on it and with mince in the fridge we rustled up some meatballs too. Admittedly, we probably could have done with more courgette (are we piggies?) but as I always say, trial and error guys. Trial and error.

I know I mention this now every single time, but we don't measure things out. The internet had advised us to use a courgette per person, however we personally will add in an extra one next time (but that's just our hungry tums!) So to make this pretty tasty and incredibly easy meal you will needMince (or anything that will sit yummily on top!)Courgette (most recipes use 1 per person)Chopped tomatoesDiced peppers and onion (diced incredibly small)Garlic! (we are lazy yes!)Salt and pepperWe set our oven to 200degrees, and whilst it's heating we fry off our peppers and onion in some oil. Once these are fairly transparent we add them into a bowl of mince, season and mix. Then make your meatballs, by rolling into little balls of goodness. We used 250grams of mince, and it made us 8!

Once your meatballs are rolled, place them in the oven for roughly 15/20 minutes (we just kept an eye on them). Whilst the meatballs are cooking you need to turn your courgette into pasta shapes. This so isn't a fancy term - but basically most recipes used a spiralizer or a Julienne Peeler to create the courgette spirals. We had neither, and so Little B patiently hand chopped the courgette into slices. We shall definitely be investing in a spiralizer but chopping did also work! ANYWAY when your meatballs are cooked and ready then fry off the courgette in butter and season with garlic (YUM!) for literally a few minutes. In another pan heat up your chopped tomato sauce and season (optional. We also added in some red pesto and chilli flakes which tasted amazing) and mix in your meatballs.Serve your delicious meatballs on a bed of courgette spirals with a side helping of toasted pitta. Enjoy!

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