Things you didn't know about us

Little Me could eat corn on the cob every single day if she had her way.

Sometimes Little R poops in the bath. But this isn't a secret anymore!

It's fair to say that Little B is a modern day housewife. Yes, he does all the washing!

When nobody's looking Little R will nibble Little B's ear lobes. Kinda weird...

Little B and Little Me have been together for four and a half years.. Not many people know that!

A boring one, but we live in a three bed semi-detached house in Northamptonshire (nope, not Brighton, Bristol or Bournemouth as people think..!)

Little Me's number one guy in all the world is John Smith. Yep, Pocahontus' guy (oh and JGL closely after!).

If Little B had one wish, and one wish only it would be to visit space. 

One time Little R ate a whole chunk of chicken from Little B's dinner. Little B was not impressed.

If you play a rap song, chances are Little Me could rap it fairly good. Eminem in particular.

Little B is training to become a teacher after nine years as a chef. 

If you look closely, it looks like Little R has an M inbetween his eyes. The monobrow maybe?

Little Me works for a Men's accessories supplier and dabbles in the seasonal tradeshows.

Oh and Little R? He spends his days sleeping on the bird bath.

Whenever Little B is incredibly tired (and lacking sleep) he tends to shout in his sleep.

In all honesty, we think Little R is gay. He doesn't seem to gel with lady cats, preferring to sniff male cats bums. We're totally cool about that.

However much time there is, Little Me is always running late. Even when she's not running late.

We all eat far too much food, tapas and dreamies in particular. Oh and ice cream!

Zucchini Meatbals

The simple things