The simple things

We finally got round to sorting out the guest bedroom after what felt like mountains of boxes. It's always those things that you just don't use, however cannot find any part of you that can throw them out! Instead, we've managed to find spaces for them on our unit. And finished off with some fairy lights. As usual!

Whenever we go away, we always find a small florist where Little B treats me to a fresh bunch to take home and put in a new vase. I love picking my own selection, and could quite happily spend my days making up bouquets (they'd never look quite as good!). Flowers are just too pretty and colourful.

As usual, Little R is the tinker and life and soul of the party as always. This week he's found his fun in the form of a Primark bag (which esentially benefits us all right?) and after tearing a little hole, he spends his evenings poking his nose through it, which is a lot nicer than his tapping paw! Unless he's security watching on the bannister!

A rare moment, but I treated myself to some new shoes - that weren't actually boots (shocker!). I needed some more comfortable attire for work this month as I'm on my feet majority of the day, and these Primark beauties were too cute not to take home with me. I'm slowly getting used to not wearing my trusty sparkly socks..

We spent last Monday in Canterbury, which has become quite possibly one of our favourite places in the UK. It's an absolutely beautiful spot and has such wonderful little cafe's and shops, that we spent many hours browsing down the lanes and taking in the gorgeous scenery. It was also nice to enjoy each others company.

The Treehouse hideaway

Inside our Living room