Inside our Living room

We thought it was about time that we did the first post inside our home, because there's never a better time than to take photographs just right after cleaning. And the room we couldn't wait to show you that we'd worked on the most since moving in has become quite possibly our new favourite place in this home (and it doesn't have anything to do with the fact everything was bought new... I won't comment anymore!), and if we're honest, we ain't half proud of how it looks compared to when we bought the house! We present to you, our living room!

Before we moved, we always knew we wanted this beautiful wallpaper after being fond of the stone wall that we had in the cottage. Originally we had decided on a colour scheme of sage, but after realising that once the door was painted and the kitchen was done, we couldn't quite have sage in every room possible (as much as we love that bloomin' colour it would be a little too much!) so we stuck to a neutral palette and brought in colours from fresh bunches of flowers and simple decorations like the clock (that we couldn't wait to get up!) and cat blanket. We opted for wood flooring as we're not really fans of carpet, and never have we been more excited to spend money on flooring than we were the week it was fitted! (You should see Little R skidding on it!).

We both liked the idea of a huge white dresser filled with beautifully painted crockery and ornaments in the kitchen, however the idea had to be recreated and we opted for this set, along with the TV unit to give us almost what we were after. And as much as Little B loves his books, the dresser isn't quite right for them, so it gave me no better excuse than to buy little ornaments and things to fill. I'm pleasantly surprised that they're still standing because Little R loves climbing onto shelves he shouldn't. Thanks to the scented candles that he doesn't! Instead, he prefers to perch himselves on our much loved coffee table in full view of the TV. To be fair, we couldn't be without this coffee table now - Little B definitely won me over with it, and deserved it as a present at Christmas!

There's nothing quite like coming home from a day at work, putting on our pyjama's, swithcing on the fairy lights and lighting all the candles ready to settle down for an evening of ice cream and TV. It has really become one of our most loved rooms, and knowing that we've done this makes us feel a little giddy inside! We love entertaining people whether it be dinner and drinks, nibbles and dvd's or just tea and cake - we never need an excuse to call our friends over! And it gives me more reason to buy that extra bunch of flowers on a Monday afternoon, because that white window sill won't sit pretty on it's own y'know.

Sofa's, Coffee Table, Wallpaper, Curtains all Next | Argos TV unit & Dresser | Ikea Clock | Laura Ashley 3 Boxes & Book Ornament

B&M Coasters, Throw, Candles and Fishbowl | Next mugs & Canvas | Dunelm Fairy Lights | Poundstretcher Flowers Vase

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