DIY yourself a merry knit with Missguided

Little Me wears: A Missguided jumper*, River Island skirt and New Look boots.

As you'll probably have gathered from reading this blog, I'm not really a crafty soul so you can imagine my face when Missguided emailed me asking if I'd like to take part in their Crafty Christmas jumper competition by making one myself. If I'm being honest, it takes me as long to thread a needle as it would somebody to knit a jumper, but with my wardrobe lacking anything Christmassy I thought it was about time that I sorted these two issues. And I would learn to sew (funny, considering I took textiles at school - amen to the superglue!). Plus what better excuse than getting Little R dressed up into his Christmas hat that's slightly too big for him, and his big ears.

As a child I spent many hours cutting out those little garland people, so with a little help from Mama and her super duper steady cutting skills (I'm a pretty shaky person!) we made four little gingerbread men and spruced them up with Christmas hats and pretty little bows to finish them off. But we felt we couldn't stop there and after discussing our pet hate for printed tops with plain backs, we begun the same process again, and those four little gingerbread men soon turned into cheeky chappies from the back of the jumper! Mama definitely sewed their bumcracks in - for added effect she said. And you know what? I'm pretty chuffed with how it turned out. Although I feel it's slightly lacking some pretty glitzy charms and after browsing Charms Direct I feel that maybe I need to purchase a few to give it that final sparkle that Christmas is all about. Either that, or I'll end up buying a charm - because hey, this Christmas I'm a changed lady.

And so with us being pretty pleased as punch (and pretty much wearing it all the time now!) we've decided that we quite like sewing and getting crafty. I'm already raiding my wardrobe to see what's next to customise!

If you like our jumper, and think that we deserve to win (there's definitely some good ones in there for sure) then you can simply like our photo here. Whether we win or not, we're taking our cheeky gingerbread men for a right merry Christmas this year and maybe, just maybe, think that Little R could have a matching one...

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