White clouds

Little Me wears: A 6KS coat*, Topshop jeans and top, New Look boots and Miss Luxe satchel*.

It appears that after declaring myself not a coat kinda person, I've adopted two new ones in the space of a few months. Now I'm going to get this constant debate in my household out of the way first and say that no it's infact pretty different from my Boohoo one. For starters, this one's grey and my other one's black. That one's long and this one's shorter. This has zips on the sleeve and that one has zips on the sleeve... And well, yeah, it's not the same. Actually it's even slightly warmer which has made those cold mornings better already.

It's also made me realise that the outdoors are far more fun that I remember and that taking walks through the pretty villages near us, with the crisp cold air, are perfect for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. I'm still working on the heel situation, but for now, they'll stay put on my feet. Some things never change!

At the weekend my pretty little friend Kimba came to visit for some birthday fun and a slice of cake. I took her to my favourite farm shop for an incredibly tasty bowl of soup and some fresh juice thrown in, and spent time catching up in between pottering around The Potting Shed looking at all things jar shaped (I just can't get enough of jars. I think I've issues...). The rest of the weekend was filled with a new house tour, too much cider consumed and a cheeky pancake breakfast ready for her journey back home. Que tears as she's now off to Australia for a year, and my little soul will dearly miss her little face and her pretty awesome wardrobe (sharing's caring!)It's weekends like these that make me hugely appreciate the things that blogging has brought. Not only some incredible opportunities, but also people I feel that I could quite possibly call my best friends. Because you know what? They get me. I get them. And they don't say anything whilst I'm taking a photo of my food. They do it too.

The simple things

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