Brag Vintage

Little Me wears: A Brag Vintage tee*, River Island shorts and Matalan trainers.

Big Little C wears: A Brag Vintage tee, Uni-qlo jeans and Adidas trainers.

Before you start looking out your window wondering why you're not still parading around in your Summer gear and we are, I'll put it out there, that these photos are sadly loonngg overdue, and we've not been soaking up the sun. Nope, instead we've been like the rest of you, snuggling up in our cosy knits and drinking endless hot drinks.

But alas, let's pretend for the next few moments that it's still Summer! And of course, Little B has been replaced, by my brother once again. You see, my brother was complaining about his lack of t-shirts and because, you know, sometimes we've gotta do these things in life, I treated him to one. And he's thoroughly pleased.

Within moments of him arriving at our parents house, he'd put it on, and after much 'hoo haa' (it was definitely a hoohaa moment!), his girlfriend and myself persuaded him that turning his trousers up made him look a bit cool! Now we're working on the fact that wearing no shoes doesn't make you 'hip'.. One step at a time hey!

That weekend was spent surrounded by delicious food and company, with the afternoons filled of blackberry picking (big thumbs up to Mama's wellies!), which completely feels like a distant memory now. The blackberries have been replaced by the apples falling off the tree, and the sun still shining, yet the crisp feeling in the air.

We're all for embracing Winter and the early drawing of the curtains, but after seeing these photos again, we just kinda wish for those Summer nights to last a little longer more...

Grey mornings

The Simple things