Grey mornings

Little Me wears: A Zoe Karssen tee, River Island Skirt, Nica bag* and Ash boots.

We'll get this over and done with first, but basically, I am fully aware that I'm pretty much sporting a bowl cut hairstyle. I'm not entirely sure what's going on with it lately, but I do not like it one bit so I'm currently having huge debates with myself about what to do. It's still undecided for the moment. I envy Little B!

Enough of the hair woes (every girls dilema!), we've basically spent the last few weeks in the same attire. It seems that we just can't get enough of pleather skirts and desert boots - separately of course! 

It's fair to say that this pleather skirt is my lifesaver as of late. I wish I was joking when I say that I've worn it every other day whether it to work with this Zoe Karssen tee, or popping to the shops teaming it with a chunky knit. I just love it. And I don't even care that I'm still braving the cold in bare legs (there's something that I still can't accept about putting tights on just yet!), because I feel good in this skirt. And that's all that matters right?

This weekend, I shall be putting down the skirt and wearing nothing more than my pyjamas because I think we deserve a weekend of nothing. Apart from taking the brother to view our home to be, it's going to be spent appreciating that both my parents are at home and happy. Throw in a Domino's pizza, some trashy TV and the amusement of two cats play fighting, makes for the perfect relaxing weekend. I can't wait.

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