A big oh em gee and thank you.


So, word on the street a few days ago, was that Company had put up their shortlist for the Company blog awards. Us Little's hadn't really had a second thought about being nominated, but obviously some little cheeky buggers had voted for us! And then, next thing we know, is that we're shortlisted in the Best Blogging duo, and, well, things like this don't really happen to little people like us much!

Firstly we want to say the biggest thank you to whoever has nominated us, and also for our readers because you're all a bit ace. And if we could, we'd have you all over for a party (but Little B won't allow it.. too much mess he'll say!). And secondly, if you have a spare moment and feel like sending us over the edge and putting your vote in, then you can do so here. We're not expecting to win (there's huge competition in our category!) but we've definitely appreciated being shortlisted. There's also a few nice ladies who've been nominated too, so be sure to check them out! And good luck to everybody. You're all babes.

It's not just us that have been excited.. The animls have gone a little high on life crazy too!

The Little Winters x

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