When the dog bites and when the bee stings.

Finally after 6 months, the bedroom is now complete. Realistically we should have gone for a bigger chest of drawers, because it may or may not have solved our clothing issue.. And without throwing them away, I think it's only right that we buy another chest or rail...!

On Monday's we like to potter around Dunelm. I say we, I mean me, but on this one occasion, I find Little B at the till paying for this mini chest. It took me by surprise, because not only did he pick something himself that was floral (have I over flowered his mind?!), but because it was reduced to £10! We made sure we had room for it.

I've been after some new boxes, because I'm one of those people who likes boxes. All kinds of boxes. Plus I need somewhere to store my hairgrips, otherwise Little R takes them! This one was in Dunelm too for £6, and it fits perfectly on my drawers.

I seem to have gone back to my printed phase, and picked up a few things in London. I'm also trying to tell myself that Summer is on it's way, so new dresses and shorts are a must. This Urban Outfitters dress is my new favourite.. I think it's the smock style that wins me over.

Little B has taken a liking to Pull and Bear, and their tee's in particular. They have such a wide variety, and between £6 - £15 you can't really go wrong. I think he likes this one because of the mountains in the background..Reminds him of the days in France.

Little R was spoilt on Monday after this little snip. Little B bought him a new toy (one that isn't messy either!) and I wish I was joking when I say that he genuinely takes it everywhere with him! He's even turned more fussy than he was before.. And we're talking nose to nose sleeping!

Little S is being a bit of a scrummy thing lately (and an acrobat at that too!). We thought it was time for a new treat, after finally weening him off a zagillion sunflower seeds a day! Now he's tucking into his new honey flavoured nut bar. Actually, he's sitting ON it to eat it. Way to go Little S!

The Little Winters x

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