It only goes to show what Little people can do.

For months we'd been keeping a big secret from our mama's (so I may have told everybody else whilst doing so) and finally last weekend we were able to spill the beans. We had wanted to do something different for Mothers day, after them both having been through a lot lately, so we decided to take them to London for the day, and finish it up with a musical. Les Miserables. I don't know who was more excited, them, or us!

After a stop at Little B's parents for bacon sandwiches, cake and coffee, we caught the train to the centre and attempted to potter around Covent Garden. Sadly the weather was against us, which resulted in us moving from one cafe to another, and then upping our game and heading to a pub for a few cheeky drinks.

We then took a walk around Leicester Square, only to stand next to Lee Ryan at a pelican crossing. As you do.

The day seemed to go pretty quickly, so we snuck off into a nice little restaurant for a pre theatre meal, which was delicious. Most of us opted for the same starter but couldn't manage any pudding. So instead, we saved a little bit of room in our tums and made sure we all had ice cream in the interval!

Our seats were extremely high inside, but actually, we couldn't fault them. We could still see and hear everything going on. Although I did feel sorry for the people infront of us having to listen to my excited singing!

The show was absolutely incredible, and probably has now ranked to be my favourite one out of them all. Our Mama's had a lovely time (and the tears they cried were happy ones!) and it was really nice to spend the day with them and the brothers, and give something back to them.It was a very late night home, after catching a train back, then followed by an hours drive home, which resulted in two very tired Little's on Tuesday morning (and two super fussy furries too!).

We're still catching up our sleep now, but we'd easily go back to see it tomorrow if we had the chance.

I think Little B thinks that I'll finally stop playing the soundtrack now.. He's wrong, so so wrong..

The Little Winters x

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