But those are the days that bind us together.

Little Me wears: A Primark tee, Topshop Leigh jeans, a jacket from She Likes* and New Look boots.

Little B wears: A Burton cardigan, Topman shirt, Republic trousers, a Daniel Wellington watch* and Nike trainers.

I don't know what has happened lately, but something has changed me. I'm not sure whether it's the fact that Little B now wears cardigans, or that my tight drawer is so full I can't begin to open it, but I'm wearing jeans. Like majority of the week! You see, Little B treated me last week to my first real pair of jeans.And I actually really bloody love them. 

So when we popped out shopping at the weekend, it dawned on me when we got home, that actually, I'd not even picked up a dress or skirt. Nope, instead I'd been browsing for various tops to wear with my jeans.  Tops that make me look cool (because these jeans sure do!). Instead I opted for this £5 one from Primark. And my new leather jacket, which is a bit TOO cool for me. One step at a time I guess..

I guess the roles have switched and instead of it normally being me that dresses up on weekends, it's now Little B who pops on his shirt and cardigan (he did have his nicer shoes on earlier - not the trainers!).

Today consisted of the grown up boring errands, doctors appointments, kitchen roll buying and hairdressers. To be honest, it was nice to have a quiet day this weekend, as we're pretty busy for the next two! And we'll finish up today with a big feast of homemade burrittos and cookies, and await our friends to come over for a catch up and pre excitement holiday chatter. Even if it's 5 months away!

The Little Winters x

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