Here's how we wear: Bodycons

1: Frances from FrancesCassandra. 2: Eloise from Frolics and Fashion. 3: Amy from The Little Magpie. 4: Hi!

Friday again. And another Here's how we wear post. With some right delicious ladies too!! Now the weathers getting chillier (has it ever not?!) we've probably not chosen a practical item, but nonetheless a fab choice,and also one that actually works dressed up or down! And of course, we wouldn't be without a love hate relationship with them. Yes, it's most definitely:

The bodycon.

Frances says "I like to reserve bodycon dresses for nights out. I keep accessories to the minimum and let the dress do the talking! :)"

Eloise says "I tend to buy bodycon dresses, keep them in my wardrobe then not actually dare wear them out! With this dress, I'd keep it simple as the mesh and low back is all the detail you really need! However, I promise I would actually bother to do my hair and makeup! Tan and lashes a plenty."

Amy says "I used to save my bodycon dresses for nights out, but recently I've been spending my weekends in, like an old lady, so decided it was time to bring them out during the day. I paired it with a leather jacket and flat boots so it didn't look too fancy! Must remember to add tights next time!"

I say "I've never been one for bodycons, food always wins over one! However, this one caught my eye, and I dressed it down with my boots and some tights, making it seem not so bodycon. Plus if I fancy getting my party feet on, I'll ditch the tights and pop on some heels. And I'm good to go."

What are your thoughts on bodycons? Have you braved it and worn them in the daytime yet? Or are they best kept for evening?


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