Things I have loved I'm allowed to keep with me

Dress: Carven. Boots: Primark.

Ooh HELLO fancy new dress that I am still really unsure of but totally spent way more than I should have this month. Yes this is what I 'treated' myself to from work the other week. It's a bit bold, and a bit not me to be honest. Well actually, it is me, so I'm lying really. But yeah, I just need that push a little (ahem Naomi) And anyway, it's Carven.. which is definitely my favourite this season..  It's like collar city there!

I mean, I do love this dress, and would even more if I didn't resemble J Lo daily...Oh and if you're wondering where my thighs have disappeared to.. Well, you see, I'm just currently standing with my bum stuck right out. I'm sure the neighbours had a chuckle...

But bum and thighs aside, I shall wear it. And just let it all hang. Or maybe it'll stop me from eating all those cookies..?

We'll see.. At the moment we have about 8 to get through.. So the dress will have to wait!


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